About us

DGSv – Professional, specialized association for supervision and coaching par excellence

Since its founding in 1989, the German Association for Supervision and Coaching (DGSv) has been devoted to assuring quality in Supervision and Coaching. DGSv promotes concept development, research and experience.

Are you looking for sound supervision and coaching? DGSv helps you to find the right supervisor and coach. Our members fulfill the highest standards of quality in the European supervision and coaching market.

Standards. Importance of DGSv for the supervision and coaching market

  • Clear direction and guidance for quality and performance in supervision and coaching.
  • Demanding admissions criteria and ethical guidelines for supervisors and coaches.
  • Certified continuing education as a supervisor and coach.
  • Quality in dialog: National and international cooperation with other associations.
  • Largest selection of qualified coaches in German-speaking countries.

Supervision and Coaching. For our clients in the workplace

  • Performance you can depend on: well-founded coaching offers from our qualified members for people and organizations seeking guidance.
  • Broad range: Support for teams, individuals, specialists, managers and organizations in many supervision/coaching formats for any situation in the workplace.

Service. Benefits of the DSGv for its members

  • Seal of quality: DGSv supervisors and coaches receive the stamp of approval from the largest German professional association of supervisors and coaches.
  • Lobbying activities for the profession.
  • Member services for work-related questions.

Discourse. Between the workplace, academia and society

  • Supervision and Coaching in the workplace: Contact for companies and organizations, associations, as well as for those in the media and politics.
  • Platform for professional discourse and development of coaching.
  • Research-based further concept development. Evaluation in research projects and in dialog with universities.
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