Mission Statement

The market for coaching in the workplace is large and complicated. Clients who hire coaches expect established standards which allow them to recognize professional, excellent coaching. Since its founding, the DGSv has worked towards greater transparency on the market for all parties involved through standardization, to the benefit of serious coaches as well as clients.

We set standards …

… for coaching in the workplace

Coaching has been established as a format for reflection for professionals and managers, groups and teams in all areas of the workplace: in organizations in social services, business, politics, academia and administration. The DGSv supports professionals and managers in these fields by creating a place of connection and exchange as the industry’s largest professional association for coaching.

… in professional development

All members of the DGSv have been qualified through certified training or a recognized master’s program for their profession as coaches and fulfill the DGSv’s admissions criteria. They have profited from a time-intensive and professionally demanding training, amounting to at least 640 hours of course work. Only those who have already completed 300 hours of relevant continuing education are admitted to this type of training. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, our members bear the titles of “DGSv Supervisor” or “DGSv Coach”.

… with an ambitious community

The members of DGSv actively engage in diverse discussions concerning the topics of the workplace and high-quality coaching. Moreover, members and the association cultivate contacts in science and research, business and politics. In discussions with training organizations, coaching associations and its members, the DGSv further develops what it means to provide up-to-date coaching in the workplace.

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