The foundation: supervisory competence and mindset

Our members have high professional standards. They are committed to the tradition of clarification. They seek to support useful, profitable, functional reflection processes among people and organisations. At the same time, they take on a social role by promoting democratisation, a culture of discourse, reflexivity, emancipation and transparency, as well as ensuring clear roles and responsibilities in the world of work. Their consulting is characterised by careful clarification of the assignment, diagnostics and process design including the dimensions of individual, role and organization.

Supervision: shaping complex relationships

Supervision is consulting for people and organisations, whose own primary task is working with people and who are therefore constantly redetermining their own professional position within the range between closeness and distance to their clients. This is highly demanding relationship work, for which supervision is essential. Supervision allows for ongoing reflection of one’s professional role. Individuals, groups or teams participate in supervision. It is integrated in the organisational structure and contributes to organisational development.

Coaching: mastering the daily work routine

Coaching is aimed at individuals — often managers — in organisations, whose goal is to expand their repertoire of possible actions. It is usually occasion-based, solution-oriented and limited in time. Focus is placed on a very specific professional issue or challenge. Coaching supports self-reflection and trying out new behaviour. It is aimed at individuals or teams.

Organisational consulting: accompanying major changes

Organisational consulting focuses on the organisation or organisational units as a whole. The primary objective consists of maintaining or enhancing the functional and performance capabilities of an organisation or organisational unit. Organisational consulting consists of professional consulting and support for change processes. It makes use of a wide variety of formats to achieve an impact within the organisation. Supervision and coaching can also be integrated into organisational consulting processes.

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