DGSv Standards

This is what we stand for: Quality – Reliability – Innovation

The DGSv Standards present a professional framework outlining the requirements for Supervision counseling and coaching. They are rooted in the conviction that good advice depends on the qualification of the advisors. High-quality qualifications require a reliable framework as well as scope for innovation. The standards thus exist in the field of tension between establishing demanding quality criteria on the one hand and
enhancing the understanding of quality on the other.

The standards serve particularly:

  • to establish coaching quality by encouraging well-grounded qualification for supervision counselors and coaches
  • to ensure quality in supervision counseling and coaching and in the development of the profession
  • to develop and implement of well-thought-out, high-quality curricula
  • to ensure the selection of suitable applicants for a qualification
  • to provide qualification for coaches who meet client and market requirements
  • to provide information and transparency for those interested in qualification, potential clients, fellow associations in the field and the interested public
  • to establish market equity by creating grounds for comparing providers of qualification

Standards of the German Association for Supervision and Coaching (PDF)

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