Our mission: Assuring quality in supervision counseling and coaching

Supervision counseling and coaching is in demand across a wide variety of professions and in diverse situations. As a coach or supervisory counselor, proven competence and a professional attitude are key elements of successful coaching.

Although DGSv coaches cultivate individual methods, they all share a fundamental approach as association members. They work in a process-oriented manner and listen to every voice at the table. They are aware of their own personal capabilities and limits. Since they take the complexity of their task seriously, they pay attention to precise analysis and review of facts. This level of professionalism has proven its worth in practice. It is preconditioned on an attitude towards counseling and an ethos that our members gain through an extensive qualification process.

DGSv certifies courses and recognizes individual programs of study which fulfill standards set forth by the association. Individuals who have completed one of these qualifications or currently participate in one are eligible for membership in the DGSv.

According to the member rules, all DGSv members are required in practice to participate in regular training sessions and a review of their counseling or coaching methods.

The association has formulated ethical guidelines and introduced the DGSv quality control process. Supervisory counseling and coaching offer room for mental and emotional freedom in which people and organizations can develop opportunities for new ventures and decisions. They achieve this through reflection, creativity and consideration of the fundamentals. While designing its process for quality control, the DGSv followed four maxims as guiding principles: participation, personal responsibility, interest in innovation and curiosity.

DGSv members who participated in the quality control process of the DGSv in 2017 and documented their participation can be found on the 2017 Quality Control Process List. They each received a quality certificate.

The office of the ombudsperson of the association provides an additional level of quality control and is available free of charge to clients of individual or corporate members. In order to contact the ombudsperson please email our main office at info@dgsv.de or call +49 221 92004-0.