Our mission: Assuring quality in supervision counseling and coaching

Supervision and coaching are in demand in a wide array of different fields throughout the professional world and for a variety of reasons. A professional attitude and proven competence as a supervisor or coach are crucial to successful counselling.

The definition of a DGSv quality of supervision and coaching has been and continues to be developed in various parts of the association. The quality characteristics of the quality concept serve to summarise the professional reference points on the subject of “quality”, which are based on DGSv’s ethical guidelines.

Supervision and coaching provide environments of intellectual and emotional freedom, within which people in organisations can develop space for taking action and making decisions. They achieve this through reflection, creativity and focusing on what is essential.

DGSv consultants may cultivate individual consulting concepts, but as members of our association they share a common set of basic principles. They work in a process-oriented manner and allow all parties to have their say. They are aware of their own personal possibilities and limitations. Fully aware of the complexity of their assignments, they take care to analyse and contract with precision. This type of professionalism has proven itself in practice. It is based on a consulting approach and a professional habitus, which our members acquire through extensive qualification in order to be able to implement the concept of supervision and coaching.

Quality development at DGSv

As a professional and trade association, DGSv makes its work available for quality development with the help of materials and resources in the broadest sense. The relevant findings of current research on supervision and caching is constantly used to complement the association’s quality development.

The DGSv standards formulate the professional requirements for supervision and coaching required by DGSv as a professional association.

DGSv certifies continuing education programmes or recognises relevant courses of study if they meet its standards. DGSv membership is open to anyone who has demonstrated having met the high-level requirements for admission to a certified or recognized continuing education programme and is currently participating in and completing that program.

As part of their practice, all DGSv members are obliged, in accordance with the membership regulations, to participate in regular further training and constantly reflect on their work in collegial settings.

The association’s Ombudsperson’s Office makes a further contribution to quality assurance and is available to customers of DGSv members as a free service for complaint management.