Teaching Supervision & Coaching

First European ANSE Network-Conference

Beginn: 08.12.2018, 11:00 Uhr

Ende: 09.12.2018, 15:00 Uhr

Dominikanergasse 5
60311 Frankfurt/Main

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The quality of supervision and coaching depends on the quality of the education of supervisors and coaches. ANSE stands for this quality and for the professionalization of supervision and coaching in Europe. The labor market is globalizing and the same applies to education. Quality standards of advanced education/training of supervisors and coaches can no longer exclusively be set by national organizations. A common understanding and shared standards in Europe are needed. This will open up new perspectives and create more possibilities for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience. For the first time, ANSE, in cooperation with DGSv, therefore offers a platform to create a network for providers of advanced supervisory education, heads of the training courses, trainers and teaching supervisors of national organizations within the ANSE community in


ANSE Association of National Organisations for Supervision in Europe
Heinrichsgasse 4/8 A (ANSE Office)
1010 Vienna

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